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Camping, June13,14 - Sheldon - 06-08-2015

Thinking about Kinuso Falls, Two Lakes or Pierre Gray. Fishing or wheeling weekend.

RE: Camping, June13,14 - Mitch - 06-08-2015

HMMM... I run it by the wife, we've be on a stay-cation so far this year.... Wink

RE: Camping, June13,14 - RKJK - 06-08-2015

Always when the French guy is working... Catfight

RE: Camping, June13,14 - Sheldon - 06-12-2015

Well, too rainy to take the camper anywhere I wanted to go this weekend. I guess I gotta stay dry in the shop and work on toys.

RE: Camping, June13,14 - Mitch - 06-15-2015

I went to do the bush bash enduro in Hudson hope last minute. Was fun, I'm still sore.... Wink

RE: Camping, June13,14 - Sheldon - 06-16-2015

Where do they hold that? Up by the sand dunes towards the dam?

RE: Camping, June13,14 - Mitch - 06-17-2015

You bet. 11 mile loop, Winner did it in like 17mins. I was closer to an hour.... Big Grin Some crazy rooted hill climbs and loose boldery desents. Crashed my A$$ off. It was a good time and I didn't come in last! Wink

RE: Camping, June13,14 - Sheldon - 06-17-2015

Nice. You're crazy.