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TNT-FV Nov 25/17 - tee jay - 11-08-2017

Run planned for Nov 25 leaving Fairview A&W at 10am. Bring everything needed for a day of wheeling in the bush and trail cleaning.

RE: TNT-FV Nov 25/17 - Mitch - 11-12-2017

Way to "up sell" it Tony! Big Grin Your suppose to say "it will be a wonderful family outing, with scenic trails and a hot dog roast" Big Grin

RE: TNT-FV Nov 25/17 - tee jay - 11-15-2017

What are you talking about sounds like a fun day to me.

RE: TNT-FV Nov 25/17 - THE DON - 11-23-2017

Think of all the fire wood!

RE: TNT-FV Nov 25/17 - PS94 - 11-28-2017

How was the run? I moved north of GP now to saddle hills...a FV run should be in my future....

RE: TNT-FV Nov 25/17 - tee jay - 11-28-2017

Very good run. Lots of trail miles passable now. Only a couple mirrors and hood hinges lost. Still a Christmas tree run to come.