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Driveline Powertrain Change ???s
05-08-2015, 04:03 PM,
RE: Driveline Powertrain Change ???s
(05-06-2015, 08:04 AM)Mitch Wrote: Ya, starting from scratch you'll get it the way you want.  Is your plan to 4 link it with coil-overs? 100-110" wheel base? 40" tire?
I know if I was to do it all over again that's what I'd shoot for an LJ, with a 5.3 LS/4L60 auto and a 2.72low range NP241 out of a newer JK and 1 tons Big Grin

IMO If your a ford fan go with the 351M if not the 350 is lighter and the parts are cheaper, I'm not sure which CJ trans you have but the T-case should be a Dana 300 which you can flip to use your ford D44 and adapt to the ford 4-spd trans as it would be more HD then the Jeep one or trade for a Chevy SM 465 or 420 to save one less adapter if your going the Chevy route, so many choice Smile

I really like the "low and long".  Mine's right at 95" of wheelbase, I've only got a 3" lift spring in the rear but kept hitting the bump stops too much, so I installed a spacer it it's been better. And the stretch would cost me another $1500ish.  One day, maybe...  Wink

You're talking my language Mitch. Was very Impressed with your Rig when we came out.

I like the low/long/wide aspect of this. Hoping I can pull off 40's with a 4" lift only. The extra axle width will keep it stable®  

I'm a Chevy fan and they are cheaper to build. It's going to be a bit of a budget build or I'd go with your suggested 5.3 LS/4L60 auto and a 2.72low range NP241 too. That may come in time. 

You & Sheldon have given me lots to chew on.... Thank yew!
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05-08-2015, 07:41 PM,
RE: Driveline Powertrain Change ???s
Haha. Timber I know your delema.
I bought a Chev for the drive train for my Comanche, but now I figure it's easier to make the Chevy smaller than fit the big stuff in the Comanche.

It never ends, and there is no correct answer. That's what makes it great.
1989 YJ on 42’s for playing, 2005 LJ Rubicon for family wheeling, 20xx Ultra 4 buggy for dreaming and leaning on.
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05-09-2015, 04:41 PM,
RE: Driveline Powertrain Change ???s budget friendly Wink
Soccer Mom's-'12 Sliver Rubi Unlimited on 35 w/ 3" Zone, Bumper'n'winch and LEDs
Old trial rig-('06 Rubicon, long arm, 39.5" Iroks, RCV's front-alloy rears and a 6hp Warn 8274) -  sold to a good friend  Big Grin
New trail rig - '06 Taco Crew, bobbed, locked, on 37"
YouTube Winch Challenge Addict Loony
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