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HOWTO Tutorial on resizing images
09-26-2008, 09:41 AM,
HOWTO Tutorial on resizing images
First you need a free application thats powerful yet easy to use.

Keep in mind this is for windows only. If you own a mac you probably already know
how to manipulate your pictures if not, I'll look it up.

Go to Download Paint .NET
then click on 'download now' save your file somewhere you will know where it is later. I recommend the desktop for such things.

Once you have downloaded it please install it, just accept the defaults.

When i write tutorials I use ----> to indicate a sub-menu such as FILE -----> Save
Which means click on file then click on save.

After you have installed it you will need to open it up and then go to

FILE ----> OPEN -----> find your picture, click open.

Once you have your image open follow these easy steps to resizing goodness.

1. Please click on the IMAGE menu then -----> resize

[Image: step1.png]

2. Next you must UNCHECK maintain aspect ratio or else it keeps muddling with the numbers.
3. Choose the width and type in 800 and the height to be 600. You can use 1024 and 768 if you like if you require more detail. But for quick snaps 800x600 is pretty decent.
4. Afterward click on OK, then click on FILE ----> SAVE

*** don't forget to save! Also, save to another folder or location, you probably don't want to save over your originals. ***

[Image: step2.png]

You may use smaller sizes if you wish but please do not go larger for the forums / google group.

If you mess up any resize settings, don't worry. If it doesn't look like it should you can always UNDO.
To undo an error you make with your picture just press EDIT ----> UNDO

Don't forget to save once your done.

Now your ready to upload your picture to
You may choose any hosting service, photobucket is just a free one I like to use.

To ADD a picture to a forum post do the following within your new post. (img) http://www.photobucket/photo.jpg (/img) but use the [ brackets instead of the ( brackets around the img tags. Be sure to use the exact link to where you stuck your photo.
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