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Corey discusses how to post pics...
03-14-2006, 12:58 AM,
Corey discusses how to post pics...
The best ways to post & display pics are as follows:

1) Host your own pictures. If you have internet service at home, you have this ability - all internet service providers give webspace to you when you buy their service. You'll need an FTP client program (file transfer protocol). FTP programs are generally "freeware", which means it isn't gonna cost you anything.
Here's a list of ones you can download and use, I use a program called "Fetch" which is 12yrs old and still works fine:

If this whole FTP thing seems daunting, contact your internet service department tech department, they'll guide you through it. Soon, you'll be hosting your own photos.

2) Host your pictures on the web somewhere, like

**Or have an MSN webspace like Savage**

These services are free, and these are just a few.

3) Then once you have your pics hosted, you can do the following:

a) copy the URL (web address) of the picture
b) start a post at
c) paste the pictures location (URL) into the text of the post, using the Img button above the top of the post to tell the website that the text you are posting is a "link" to a picture.

This allows you to post pics when you want, where you want. Then you can all post pictures of your rigs. In a way it's better than a photo album, and just as long as you host the pic, it'll stay on the post.
And keeps the costs on this site down.
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03-14-2006, 10:33 PM,
If everybody came out wheelin' all the time, we wouldn't wonder.

Now get off the damn chair and fix yer stuff!!!

I'll do the same, one of these days! (not sure if I'll make the next run)
1989 YJ on 42’s for playing, 2005 LJ Rubicon for family wheeling, 20xx Ultra 4 buggy for dreaming and leaning on.
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